Hello, everybody.
My name is John and I'm a loanaholic.
Let me tell you how it all began. In the childhood i couldn't boast of the latest fashion or the best toys and gadgets as my family couldn't afford to buy these things. We were an average household from Wisconsin living in a tiny apartment and trying to make both ends meet from one paycheck to another. My dad was a a clerk and mum worked as a waiter. They even didn't have a bank account and sometimes we had to ask my granny for a couple hundred bucks to pay the bills. I still remember this embarassment and shame of begging for money.
When i finished school and turned 18 I made a firm decision to change my life. For me the ability to buy something meant more than just shopping. It was the way to prove my self-confidence and raise my self-esteem. I surfed the Net and found out about Payday Loans. I met their requirements which made it simple to apply. I was over 18 and I had the US residence. At first I didn't have a bank account to deposit the funds. That's why I had to go to the Payday Stores or Check Cashers. But when I became an experienced borrower I opened an account and applied for cash advances online. It was faster and easier.

One of the main reasons why I chose Payday Loans was that I had no credit history. I had a stable though not high income and a permanent job of a manager in WalMart. 
I was a smart borrower. I learnt everything I could about Different Types of Loans, I read all the Useful Pieces of Advice:

So I tried never to default my loan, that's why I didn't have problems with gettinf into debt. But I do Realise that I can't stop borrowing. I see a beautiful suit - I apply for $600 Payday Loan. A new mobile is realeased - I get $1,000 Installment Loan, I want to impress my girlfriend with a new car - I go for $10,000 Personal Loan. I'm thinking of getting a mortgage now as it's high time to marry and start a family in your own house.

I do understand that borrowing all the time is not the way out. But I can't find another means to be able to buy whatever i want, to travel wherever i dream and even to cover simple daily expenses. Life is hard. And it's not always possible to earn a good salary. Maybe i'll think of starting my own business, but here again i'll need a small business Personal Loan. 

  • Payday Loans $100 - $1,000
  • Personal Loans $1,000 - $35,000