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Compare rates and fees of Check Cashing Сompanies in Arkansas and find locations near you.

Compare rates and fees of Check Cashing Сompanies in Arkansas and find locations near you.

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Any type of check: personal, payroll, insurance, tax refund, etc. needs to be cashed.  Depending on the check type, amount and the customers banking status (whether he has a bank account, or he is unbanked, or underbanked) it can be done in a bank, a credit union, a retail shop or a check cashing store. Compare their offers to choose the one that suits you best and find their closest locations.

Find and Compare the Best Check Cashing Stores with rates and fees as low as $1. Some of them are open 24/7 and could be even better than a bank!

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Rates last updated April 2nd, 2020

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Check Cashers service and fees

There are more than  Check Cashing Stores in Arkansas. All of them offer similar services: cashing any type of check, payday and other short-term lending, money orders, currency exchange, etc. For any of them you are charged a fixed fee. You can compare the offers on our website and find the most advantageous one. Or you can search for locations near home to save you time and money.

Check Cashers accept any kind of checks: Payroll Checks, Tax Refund Checks, Insurance Drafts & Checks, Settlement Checks, Government Checks, Cashier’s Checks, Bonus Checks, Business Checks, Large Dollar Checks, Small Dollar Checks, Money Orders, etc.

The process is rather simple and fast:

  1. You come to the store bringing your check and ID
  2. Endorse the check
  3. The check may be verified
  4. You pay the fee
  5. You get the cash in some minutes

For example, if you have the check for $1,000 and you see that they charge you 3% to cash that check, you pay $30  and get $970.

It’s used by most of the unbanked (the roughly 7% of US households without checking or savings accounts) and the underbanked (the nearly 20% that had such accounts but still used alternative financial services) Americans. They choose Check Cashing Service because it’s:

  • Fast
  • Transparent
  • Convenient
  • Available

To find the store with the best rates and fees near you compare the companies on

Check cashing in a bank in Arkansas. Why customers prefer Check Cashing Stores.

At a bank, you take your check in there and there are no fees listed clearly anywhere. You take that $1,000 check up to the counter to cash it. They’ll cash it for you – if you have an account there – and if you do have an account, they’ll encourage you to deposit that check and may even require it to be deposited.

Then it will take some time to clear the deposited cash, depending on the amount from 2 days up to a month. Besides you will hardly be able to get all the sum at once. If you have $500 check, you’ll get only $200 for example, and the rest after the check will be cleared.

The bank service which is considered to be free, also costs you some money. They just charge it in a more subtle way, through other fees such as  ATM fees and account maintenance fees and overdraft fees.

As we can see, most users of traditional banking services in Arkansas are people with checking accounts and savings accounts, who look for safe and convenient way to cash their checks.

But if you need the funds immediately, or have no bank account, or you have a pile of overdraft fees, check cashing is for you.

Other options to cash a check in Arkansas.

Besides described Check Cashing and Bank services customers have some other options. They are:

  • credit unions: non-profit organizations, that have a greater focus on customer service and usually have fewer hidden fees. But they have closed membership, meaning you have to live in a certain area or be employed by a certain employer to be a member. There’s also sometimes a membership fee for joining.
  • Retail stores: such big retailers as Kmart, Publix, Giant Eagle, Walmart and others can cash even Personal Checks charging a fee of as little as $1, or more depending on the amount and the store’s policy.
  • Prepaid cards: cards used to deposit money via a special app and then withdraw from it through the ATM.

If you keep a balance in your account, mostly just use online banking, and rarely use an out-of-network ATM, there’s almost no reason for you to use check-cashing services. Your bank provides what you need. That description matches me pretty well.

It’s not true for everyone, however, and check-cashing services do fill a niche that matches what some people need.

Loans for ANY  NEEDS
APR from 4.99%


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Loans for ANY  NEEDS
APR from 4.99%

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