How to dispose of glass?

Many Americans have long used glass recycling services to save money or get a security deposit refund. However, recycling companies do not accept certain types of glass, such as window glass and mirrors.

Glass removal 

Ordinary glass is easily recyclable, but broken glass is different. It should not be mixed with ordinary glass. Workers can get injured without meaning about broken glass.

Can I throw away glass in garbage disposal?

Broken glass can be dangerous if not handled properly. Call us, and our professional team will save you from the broken glass without injury or stress.

What types of Glass do we dispose of?

  • Automotive glass
  • Mirrors
  • Broken glass
  • Glassdoor
  • Tempered glass
  • Sheet glass
  • Old or broken Windows
  • Stained glass

How it works

  1. Call us now and order our contactless and secure removal of your glass.
  2. Schedule a meeting with us at any time convenient for you.
  3. Our professional team will come to you at the appointed time, review the glass that needs to be removed and tell you the best way to dispose of it.
  4. We will carefully remove the unnecessary glass and clean up after ourselves.
  5. After the glass removal is completed, we will receive payment for the work done.


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