Pawn Shops near your location in Pensacola, Florida

Need some urgent quick cash? Not a problem if you have any items which you don't really use but they have certain value. Any Pensacola resident can legally apply for secured cash advance at a pawn shop. Compare the offers online or find a pawn shop near you in Pensacola and leave the shop with money in your pocket same day. 

Pensacola Pawn shops Near Me

In case you need quick and easy cash advance in Pensacola, Florida and can't get approved for a loan from traditional banking institutions pawn shops may turn out a good option.

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    Why choose pawn shops for a quick cash in Pensacola?

    Very simple eligibility requirements:

    • At least 18 years of age, a photo ID;
    • Available for any credit score;
    • No credit check is done;
    • Pawn shop loans and other services can be obtained both online and in a store;
    • Interest rates lower than for Payday Loans or Title Loans;
    • Very fast way of getting cash advance.

    How Pawn shops in Pensacola, FL work?

    Pawn shops like any ordinary lender offer you loans that you then have to repay plus interest. The loans they are secured by a collateral. Any valuable piece of property may be provided as collateral.

    Pawn shop loans differ from other cash advances by the type of collateral which you bring to them and they hold on to it until the loan is repaid. If you can’t pay the money back, the item will be sold. Another difference is that you can't maintain possession of the collateral that’s securing the loan. 

    What you can pawn at a pawn shop in Pensacola?

    Pensacola, Florida pawnbrokers buy the following items of value (average prices you can expect to get for some items are included):
    1. Electronics:

    • Cell phones (iPhone 5, Android smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy, etc.) - $30 – $110. for
    • DVDs (DVDs and Blu-ray discs, movies in their original cases) – $2 - $50 each.
    • iPods and iPads: $20 – $150
    • Computer peripherals: printers, scanners, and other peripheral devices.
    • Digital cameras: $5 - $300.
    • VCRs and DVD players: $5 – $20.
    • Televisions (newer flat screen and 4K models). 

    2. Musical instruments:

    • Guitars: $15 - $1,000.

    3. Jewelry and Watches

    • Diamonds: round or princess-cut diamonds.
    • Gold.
    • Semi-precious stones: gemstones, such as rubies or emeralds.
    • Silver: silver jewelry or silver coins.
    • Watches: $5 - $14,500. 

    4. Instruments and tools, equipment:

    • Lawn mowers and lawn equipment
    • Paint sprayers
    • Power tools

    5. Appliances

    • Microwaves
    • Heating and air conditioners
    • Vacuums

    6. Entertainment

    • Video game systems: Xbox and PlayStation - $40 – $100.
    • Video games - $2 – $20.

    7. Crystal: glassware, vases, bowls, cups, and sets. 
    8. Gift cards.
    9. Sporting equipment

    • Firearms, guns - $15 - $1000
    • Fishing poles
    • Golf clubs

    10. Purses, handbags.
    11. Shoes - $40 - $100.
    12. Vehicles

    • Boats
    • ATVs
    • Bikes

    Pawn shops don't have to accept the collateral. They may reject it and ask that the borrower pledge a different item.

    Pawn shops Available in Pensacola, FL by the following ZIP codes:

    32501 32502 32503 32504 32505 32506 32507 32508 32509 32511 32512 32513 32514 32516 32520 32521 32522 32523 32524 32526 32534 32559 32590 32591 32592

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    Loans for ANY NEEDS
    APR from 4.99%


    Loans for ANY NEEDS
    APR from 4.99%

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