Payday Loans are short (14-30 days) and fast cash advance in the amounts from $100 to $1,000. It's real to get the necessary funds the same day, or even within an hour. The process is quick and easy. You fill out a free application form online. If you meet the minimal requirements (over 18 years of age, US residence, valid bank account) you have all the chances to get instant approval. Payday Loans are available for borrowers with both good and bad credit. They are unsecured, you don't need any collateral or guarantor. Compare the rates and terms from more than 300 direct lenders and learn how to get the money you need within an hour.

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How 1-hour Payday Loans work?

Quick Payday Loans with no direct deposit in 1 hour

1 Hour Online Payday Loans

1 Hour Payday Loans no credit check

No fax 1 Hour Payday Loans

1 Hour Payday Loans available for Bad Credit

Fast 1 Hour Payday Loans from direct lenders

1 Hour Payday Loans by phone

Expert advice how to get Payday Loansin 1 hour

How do 1-hour Payday Loans work?  

One-hour Payday Loans are often very small, the amount starts from $50 and up to $1,000. The loans usually have about 400% APR ($15 fee for every $100), and they're available 24/7. You can apply for a 1-hour Payday Loan online or visit the office, a lending company can deliver it to your home, or workplace or transmit money into your bank account. To apply for a Payday Loan online, you should:

find the  lender   fill out the form   wait to get approved get your money

It often takes a few minutes to deliver your money (online) or about an hour to get it in person.

Must know!
The better your credit score, the better interest rate and conditions you'll be offered. It works for an hour Payday Loans like for any other kind of loan. However, you can always find Payday Loans with no credit check, but be careful looking for Instant approval with no faxing, no waiting, no credit check.

Quick Payday Loans with no direct deposit in 1 hour  

There are a number of ways to get money without direct deposit:

Loan type Basic information How it works
Payday Loans
  • Variable APR.
  • 14 - 30 days term.
  • The maximum loan amount is $1,000, but it can differ depending on the state's regulations.
  • Unsecured.
  • Available for bad credit.

You can easily get the loans without direct deposit, cause they're often designed for the consumers with bad credit or no bank account. There're direct lenders who guarantee 24 hour loan approval and funding. By the way, Payday Loans aren't legal in some states, each state or sometimes even city has its own laws about it.

Pawn loans
  • It usually takes a day.
  • You should be an adult and have valuable items like electronics, antiques or jewelry.
  • APR differs from state to state, but it's often less than title or payday loans.
  • The maximum loan amount is 60% of your item's value.
  • To apply, you should appraise your item online, and then take it with the document to the pawnshop. Fill out the form, repay the loan and finally get the ticket to reclaiming your item after the repayment.
You use your property as collateral, some pawns shops offer such services. You can borrow 20-60% of the total cost of your items, then you repay it and get your items back. Rates can be high, but it depends on your communication skills, pawnshops employees are usually like to bargain. The terms often compose 2-3 months.
Bitcoin loans
  • Variety of APR and loan amount.
  • You must own a verifiable ID.
  • To apply, you should register a Btcpop account and make a request for funding.
  • You can get funds in a day.
If you have Bitcoins, you can take a loan from lending platforms like Btcpop. In this case your loan is funded by investors, which collect on repayments instead of a bank or direct lender. If you an expert in cryptocurrencies, then you understand the risks much better than newbies. But if you're not, maybe, it's better to find the other way? Why? Because Bitcoin is an unstable currency, it changes every minute, it's very important to predict its future value. Moreover, the currency is strictly regulated by the US government. Because of these restrictions a lot of lenders have their headquarters abroad, so the lenders can use illegal means without fear to be punished.
Title loans
  • 200% APR (average);
  • To take out a title loan, you should have US residence, be an adult and possesses a car title in your name.
  • The maximum loan amount usually composes 50% of your car's value.
  • It takes only one day to apply.
  • You should visit a lender with your car and fill out the form, then you should get an appraisal on your car. After that you can collect the loan as a check or cash.

If you don't meet the requirements of a personal loan, you can take out a title loan. The scheme is easy: your use your car as a collateral, and then you can get from 25% to 50% of your car's value (sometimes up to 95%). Most lenders don't ask for a bank account if you apply in person. The interesting thing about this loan is that you can use your car during the repaying process, in fact only the title of your car is collateral. It's risky, cause you can lose the car. These loans have less interest than Payday Loans, but it's still quite high, so you should take out title loans, only if you're sure about your ability to repay it.

Debit card loans
  • APR starts from 200% up to 700% or more.
  • You should be an adult resident of the USA and be ready to verify your monthly income.
  • To apply, you should make an application in a Store.
  • It takes only one day.
  • Different loan amount.
A lender transmits money to the prepaid debit card, which is registered for your name, you receive it by mail or pick up at a store. However, you should have evidence of a bank account to qualify. It's advantageous, cause you don't need to have money deposited or withdrawn from your bank account. By using these cards you can easily get new loans or sometimes even get rewards for repayment. Debit Card Loans have the same restrictions as Payday Loans, cause the Debit Card Loans are usually offered by payday lenders. You'd better check the legitimacy of the lender, before taking out this kind of loan.


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1 Hour Online Payday Loans

Applying for quick unsecured Payday Loans online is probably the fastest way to get an instant cash advance. It takes a few minutes to fill out an application form where you state the loan amount, your e-mail, and wait for the lender's approval. As soon as you qualify you may expect the funding the same day or even within an hour.

1 Hour Payday Loans no credit check  

It may seem like a dream, when lenders offer you instant approval without faxing, waiting, or credit check. But it's not as good as it seems. Payday Loan lenders look suspicious even with credit check (cause Payday Loans are hard to regulate), but when they don't require any credit's very likely to become a scam victim. Why? Because they don't care about their client, they don't think about how he's going to repay the loan. In other words, they just want to make you lose your shirt.

Although, it can be fair lenders, even if they don't check credit scores. Usually, this kind of lender checks credit scores without a credit check. The fair lenders may:

  • ask you to verify your bank account and monthly income,
  • they can just use the alternative data to define your ability to repay.

It's easy to identify potential scams. When you visit the lender's site, firstly you should check the requirements, if there are none or very few of them (no bank account or stable income verification needed), then you'd better leave this site.

No fax 1 Hour Payday Loans

 When you apply for 1-hour Payday Loans it's usually very fast as there're not many requirements. You don't need to do any paperwork or faxing. The only documents you are asked to provide are proof of your ID and income. Direct lenders don't do a hard credit check either which makes 1-hour Payday Loans highly accessible for any borrower.

1 Hour Payday Loans for bad credit  

In fact, one-hour Payday Loans were made for customers with bad credit scores. Usually, you can get this kind of loan without a credit check. At first sight, the lenders sprout wings, they give chance to the people, who made mistakes. But on the other hand, no credit check one-hour Payday Loans can put you in deep debt. The reason is that Payday Loans always have very high APR (400 and above) and short-terms. This conjunction is very dangerous, cause if you'll not repay the loan on time, additional fees and the high interest rate will do their stuff. You should apply for Payday Loan, only if you really need it and can't get a better one. If you're confident that you can repay it - it's ok, but if no - never take it out.

If you have a bad credit score, you have some other options, instead of taking out a Payday Loan.

  1. Apply for a bad credit Installment Loan or Bad Credit Personal Loan.
  2. Firstly, you can try to join a credit union. There are special credit unions for military men, public servants, and others. Even with a poor credit score, you can find some credit union, which will approve your application. The good thing about credit unions is that they have advantageous rates and conditions (compared with banks and Payday Loans).
  3. Moreover, if you have a bad credit score, you can take out a secured loan. When you use your property as collateral, you look like a less risky customer. Lenders are ready to offer you better conditions and interest rates, it can save you hundreds of dollars. There's only one minus, it's that you can lose your property if you'll not repay the loan. Just remember: take out secured loans only if you can pay them off.

Fast 1 Hour Payday Loans from direct lenders  

You can use online 1-hour Payday Loans from direct lenders as you wish:

  • You can use it for unexpected expenses.
  • It's also suitable for paying for car repairing, education, medical bills, and other purposes.
  • You can also use it to plan the vacation, you dream of.

1 hour payday loans no credit check

That's why it's so popular, you can get money in a short time with minimum requirements (you should be an adult and earn $1000+ monthly). Besides, the overpay is not really high if you pay off on time. To see a representative example of the total cost of your cash advance use our calculator.

1 Hour Payday Loans by phone

Besides applying for 1-hour Payday Loans online and in a store near you it's possible to submit a loan application by phone. You only need an Internet connection to get urgent funds within 60 minutes.

Expert advice on how to get Payday Loans in 1 hour 

A Payday Loan can be a good instrument to pay unexpected expenses, but you should take into account some factors:

  • You should calculate how much money you need to borrow. Most lenders, who offer Payday Loans, will try to persuade you to borrow a higher sum than you really need. Even a few dozen dollars matters, cause the rates for Payday Loans are usually very high. So, the first rule: calculate how much money do you really need to borrow.
  • You should take out a one-hour Payday Loan, only if you can afford it. The loans are usually short-term and in many cases, you need to pay the money back on the next payday. So, these loans will not work as a long-term solution, if you're not sure about can you repay it or not, it's better to think about other opportunities.
  • You should choose lenders with a good reputation, you give them a lot of confidential data about your credit cards, bank accounts, place of employment. It's vital to work with honest companies in such kind of business relations.
  • Find out basic information about the company. How long does this company work? What are the interest rates? Is the lender works quickly? The one more thing that will help you to choose a good lender, it's to find out contacts of the company's customers and ask them questions about the lender.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the loan carefully. Most lenders usually use fine print to hide important details (such as additional fees, penalty fees, interest rate change). Lenders often use these "writing tricks" to charge additional fees, if you have late or missed payments. The fees can be extremely high, so if you're not confident about your payments, it's better to find another solution.
  • Make on-time payments. Most lenders use your bank account to make automatic payments on the loan. Then, if you don't pay on time, the lender can charge fees and you will get penalties not only from a lender but also from your bank.

In case you follow all these tips, be sure to get a safe and affordable Payday Loan fast. Compare the offers from the most reliable direct lenders.