Currently, non-profit organizations face the same problem over and over again: where to get money for the next charity event, where to get pet funding ideas, and how to attract volunteers who are ready to work for an idea, not for money.

Fundraising for Animal Shelters

It is pet fundraising that is designed to solve this. Of course, you can apply for a loan to cover emergency pet financing, but it will lead to some debt and interest payments. Using fundraising for animal shelters allows you to raise money for:

  • maintenance of animal shelters. Starting a crowdfunding campaign will raise funds to help homeless animals kept in the shelter;
  • implementation of pet surgery. Often, sick pets need expensive operations, which the owner cannot afford to pay for on their own. In this case, fundraising is also a way to cover part of the cost of pet surgery;
  • the formation of rescue groups that are created to rescue abandoned, injured or helpless animals. In this case, the launch of a crowdfunding campaign will raise public awareness and help raise the required funds to help such animals;
  • maintenance of service animals, without which some people cannot imagine everyday life. But the maintenance of such a trained animal is very expensive for such people. If someone from your acquaintances or you need a service dog, then its acquisition and maintenance may also be possible by starting a crowdfunding campaign;
  • payment of veterinary bills. Pets also get sick and can cost a lot of money to treat them. Crowdfunding can help pay the bills that a pet owner often gets after going to the vet. The main thing is to honestly tell your donors about the reasons for such a request;
  • purchasing or adopting a pet. Crowdfunding can help you get and keep a pet. Often the desire to have a pet does not coincide with our ability to acquire and maintain it. But crowdfunding will bring closer your desire to play with a wonderful puppy or a cute kitten.

Best Animal Fundraiser Ideas

There are many other different animal fundraiser ideas suitable for a crowdfunding campaign. For example, for these purposes, you can:

  • organize a pet party in the form of a fancy event that will bring together dressed-up pet owners with their pets. Such a party can be organized both indoors and on a day off in a nearby park. Your main task is to have a large number of bowls of food and water for pets (if desired, small snacks for their owners), and also decide on a donation method so that pet owners can make them to fund your cause;
  • arrange a photo day for pets, having previously agreed with a local photographer who agrees to do this for a good cause, but for free. The pet owners should then be informed of the event by informing them of the venue. At the same time, to raise funds, you can charge for photos or sell various products (shoppers, t-shirts, mugs, etc.) with the image of pets. It is unlikely that any of the lovers of their pets will refuse the opportunity to have an image of their pet on their T-shirt or another item. You can have photo props, as well as food and water for pets (if desired, small snacks for their owners);
  • to use a gift kiosk, with which it will be possible to collect donations at any event held using a payment card. Potential donors will be able to immerse their cards in a special device and wait for a special signal to complete the transaction. This method is very convenient, as the modern world is increasingly moving away from payments in cash or checks and is switching to non-cash payments. Your main task is to find a supplier of such a kiosk and teach potential sponsors how to use it;
  • organize washing of dogs and cars. Many people are willing to pay and are paying to have their car and pet wash. Your main task is to organize two stations for car and pet washing, provide an advertising campaign for this event, set competitive prices, explain to customers what the money from the car wash is going to, and collect funds from customers to finance your campaign. The people who come to you have clean cars and fresh-smelling pets, and you have the necessary funds for your important work.

Why Participate in Crowdfunding for Animals

The main advantages of the ongoing crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for animals are:

  • speed and simplicity. As experience has shown, a personalized crowdfunding campaign will allow you to raise money for your pet or other animals quickly, after it starts, funds will begin to flow almost instantly;
  • personalization. Each crowdfunding campaign involves creating a beautiful fundraising page for your pet or other organization using the simplest tools to upload photos or videos. The more people know about your campaign, the more pets will get personalized help;
  • free. This means that starting a crowdfunding campaign does not involve any start-up costs.

How it works

Based on this, running a crowdfunding campaign is a fairly easy process, including:

  1. start fundraising. The main thing to remember is not to be afraid, because it is easy. Many people are ready to instantly donate funds to support both pets and homeless animals. You just need to create a profile, upload photos and tell the story of a pet that is in such need of funds;
  2. adding an image and telling a story about an animal. Do you know anyone who doesn't like cute animal pictures? The answer is obvious. You just have to share your favorite photos or videos of an animal and tell its story. This is a win-win situation in establishing contact between your supporters and your campaign;
  3. sharing fundraising information. You should share your crowdfunding campaign with as many friends and strangers as possible on various resources and social networks in order to collect donations faster;
  4. an expression of gratitude. All the people who took part in the campaign will want to hear how it is going, seeing updates with photos and other information. Be sure to thank them and share updates on the campaign, and the next fundraising campaign will be just as effective as the last.