Alice Rose

As the content-manager at, Alice is eager to help you understand all the peculiar details of financial affairs and compare and find the best service for your situation, whether that is taking out a loan, making money in some other way, or improving your credit score.

She has a MD in Philology of one of the most well-known Universities. She travelled a lot investigating various folks’ cultures and dialects in many regions of the UK and the US. And she does understand the needs of different social groups. A rich experience of working in different countries and with different nationalities as well as a postgraduate course in economics  provide her with the necessary knowledge and lets her write about money matters giving you some tips or expert advice. In spare time, Alice reads classical books and does sport which also contributes to the ability to think clear and be accurate and up-to-date.

We aim at helping you compare, make wise decisions, save money or just get acute verified information. Besides, you may fill out our Compacom form to get matched with suitable lenders. As you click on the Apply button which leads to any third-party we may get some compensation from them. It's necessary to support our staff and help us stay up-to-day on the contents, news and information we present.